2nd workshop meeting at GESIS Cologne, 20-21 November 2014

Religious Change and Value Change

Goals: The second meeting serves the exchange about the state of the research of religion and values from sociological, psychological and theological perspectives. First the pluralization of the religious field shall be discussed as well as an adequate reflection of this change in empirical measurements to derive a proposal for a more precise implementation of forms of religious beliefs in survey research. Second the theory of value change and the concept of value measurement shall be discussed especially with regard to the theoretical opposition of traditional acceptance and modern self-determination values.


Ethical perspectives and social science studies on beginning of life issues

Pluralization of the religious field: new forms of belief and denominational differences

Values as means of moral reasoning and the study of value change

Linking ethics, religion and values; discussion and development tasks


Expert guests:

Heinz Streib, Bielefeld, on Pluralization of religiosity & spirituality

Sonia Roccas, Raanana, on Values as causal predictors of moral attitudes


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