3rd workshop meeting in Düsseldorf, 21-22 May 2015

Cross-national comparisons, theory and data analysis: linking, contextualizing and explaining boundaries of life


The third meeting is based on the secondary analysis of existing data (EVS 1999-2008, WVS 1981-2005, Life and Values in Germany, Life and Values in Russia 2014) which were worked out in the lead-time. The members of the network are going to present the psychometric analyses of the scales in countries and tests of measurement invariance across countries as well as multilevel analyses of European comparative data. Apart from this, the linkages between the beginning and end of life will be discussed in context. The meeting also serves the first substantive and methodological discussion of the papers that shall be published in a collective volume. This discussion will be continued during the fourth meeting.


– Cross-national comparisons and the measurement of end-of-life issues

– Linking the beginning and end of life

– Human Development and Autonomy at the Beginning and End of Life

– Longitudinal analysis of attitudes towards the end of life

– The beginning of life and the gender context


Expert guests:

Joachim Cohen (Brussels)

Hermann Dülmer (Cologne)




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