5th and final meeting in Cologne, March 2016

“Preparing the stage 2 application for the ESS rotating module “

The 1st stage application for an ESS rotating module on “Boundaries of life” was successful. It was selected as 8 out of 22 applications.

During this 5th meeting the network members and senior fellows have prepared the stage 2 application.


Beginning- and end-of-life issues (BELISS)

Explaining attitudes towards assisted reproduction and assisted dying in Europe

Researchers have analysed modernisation processes and human development in Europe according to a range of value preferences and attitudes. Due to advances in medicine and the structural ageing of European societies, recent social science publications indicate a rising relevance of beginning- and end-of-life issues, henceforth BELISS (Aksoy 2007; Hendry et al. 2013; Lizza 2010). These issues concern the moral and political questions around birth and death, reproduction and dying and the growing interest in these issues in the context of modernisation, morality policies, and welfare state systems (Engeli et al. 2012; Ekland-Olsen 2015; Knill et al. 2015; Seale 2000). The proposed module would provide a multi-level framework for explaining differences in attitudes within and between countries towards BELISS by introducing innovative measures and addressing audiences in various fields of the social sciences.



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