Since 2017 I am the head of the executive committee of the alumni association FörderLinK e.V. Düsseldorf. The goal of our association is to build a network for students, alumni, members of the department of General Linguistics and Computational Linguistics at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf as well as for everyone who is interested in linguistics and our research. To achieve this goal, we organise different events throughout the year, such as the „Job-Café Linguistics“, a series of talks related to the overall question „What to do with a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Linguistics?“. For more information, please visit the FörderLinK e.V. Düsseldorf website.

Talks & Events


  • Invited Talk: Linguistics as a Job?! Career goals and planning while studying. Grundkurs Tutorium at HHU (organised by Linda Daniela Steppan).


  • Job-Café Linguistics (with Jasmin Pfeifer and Kim Strütjen)


  • Forensic Linguistics Day (with Jasmin Pfeifer, Ria Perkins, Isabel Picornell and Dana Römling)
  • Workshop: Writing Job-Applications (with Jasmin Pfeifer, the HHU Career Service and Dr. Karin Wilcke)
  • Talk: David Peterson – Game of Thrones: A Linguistic Retrospective (with The Student Council for Linguistics and Phonetics of University of Cologne, Jasmin Pfeifer and Pia-Mareen van de Kerkhof)
  • Job-Café Linguistics (with Sonia Ben Hedia, Esther Seyffarth, Kim Strütjen, Vasiliki Tsouni)


  • Workshop: Self-Presentation in Job Interviews (with the HHU Career Service, Jasmin Pfeifer and Kim Strütjen)
  • Talk: Regionalsprachenforschung im Rheinland – Aktuelle und kürzlich abgeschlossene Projekte ( with Dr. Georg Cornelissen (LVR) and Jasmin Pfeifer)


  • Workshop: How to write a CV? (With Kim Strütjen and the HHU Career Service)
  • Talk: Job Hunting for Linguists (with Campusrookies and Kim Strütjen)
  • Job-Café Linguistics 2017 (with Isabel Gallisch, Vanessa Hüsken, Pia Krawczyk and Kim Strütjen)
  • Talk: Am I allowed to teach German (with a degree in Linguistics)? (With Alexander Sagafe and Kim Strütjen)