Advanced seminar: Prosody & Intonation (2023, summer term, HHU)

Advanced seminar: „I’ll never leave your pizza burning“ – The phonetics and phonology of misheard song lyrics (2022, summer term, HHU)

Advanced seminar: Morphophonological Processes and the Mental Lexicon (2022, winter term, HHU)

Advanced seminar: Phonological Processes (2021, summer term, HHU, together with Jasmin Pfeifer)

Advanced seminar: Phonology and Morphology of German nouns (2020, winter term, HHU, together with Kim Strütjen)

Guest lectures

  • Nieder, Jessica. 2023. Folli, follijiet, folol? – Modelling pseudo word inflection in non-concatenative morphology. Guest lecture, 18 January 2023, Universität Trier.
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2022. Analogy in Maltese singular-plural mappings. Guest lecture, 29 December 2022, Universität Siegen.
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2022. Knowledge of Maltese singular-plural mappings: Analogy explains it best. Guest lecture, 25 January 2022, Universität Tübingen.
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2021. Insights into a production study on Maltese plurals. Guest lecture, 16 December 2021, Universität Trier. 
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2019. Effects of frequency and morphological structure – Investigating Maltese sound and broken plurals. Guest lecture, 21 November 2019, L-Università ta’ Malta.
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2019. Production and processing of Maltese plural nouns. ELC Guest lecture, 30 October 2019, Universität Trier. 
  • Nieder, Jessica. 2018. Storage of complex words – sound and broken plural in Maltese. Guest lecture, Universität Siegen, December 2018.