Interview mit Research Gate: VR in der Hochschullehre.

Anfang des Sommers wurde ich von Elyse Franko-Filipasic von ResearchGate über unser Projekt „Integration kollaborativer virtueller Realität in der Distanzlehre“ interviewed. Wir haben über Motivation, Durchführung und Visionen für die Zukunft gesprochen. Das Interview findet sich hier.

Dr. Krauss IRL und in VR - xr4edu
Ich IRL und VR – Myself IRL and VR

ResearchGate Interview: VR in university education.

Earlier this summer, I was interviewed by Elyse Franko-Filipasic from ResearchGate about our project „Integrating Collaborative Virtual Reality in Distance Education”. We talked about motivation, implementation and visions for the future.

The interview can be found here and here are some excerpts:

What motivated you to start this project?

“ … due to the pandemic, I was [privately] playing around with VR devices to meet people in virtual rooms and talk with friends back home. That´s when the idea of using social VR to teach science was born …”

… “What we want to do in this project is, on the one hand, implement these methods in distance teaching. This means we would have students at home with headsets on, meet in a virtual room, and give regular lectures. This would enable them to provide presentations and other things that people would typically do in regular teaching, remotely in a virtual space. On the other hand, we want to use the unique features of these systems to look at things in a stereoscopic three-dimensional way and illustrate complex three-dimensional systems like proteins, all in a collaborative way, of course“ …

It sounds like this project was largely started due to the remote teaching conditions we experienced due to COVID-19. Do you see this project still being useful or able to scale without pandemic conditions? Or what applications would you see for it?

… “I am confident that we can use these tools also in the future, and more and more people are already doing so (for drug design purposes, for example).” …

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