1st workshop meeting in Düsseldorf, 12-13 June, 2014

Ethical boundaries of life and morality politics

(A preliminary outlook on the program of the first workshop of the network; latest update: March 19, 2014, please note: the workshop meeting is only open to invited scholars)



The first meeting serves the constitution of the network and the discussion of two substantial topics. The aim of the meeting is to reflect the (medical) ethical arguments, theories and debates as well as their relevance to the moral‐political discourse within the societies of Western‐ and Eastern Europe. In comparison to the socio‐historical heritage of Western‐ and post‐communist societies, the moral‐political and social relevance of boundary issues of life shall be discussed. Here the aim is to review concepts that are useful for a later implementation in standardized measurement instruments for the comparison across countries and cultures.

Thursday, June 12
Morning: Get together, general agenda and research plans, exchange of ideas and discussion
Afternoon: Ethical issues at the beginning and end of life (topic area and team A, cf. proposal)

Friday, June 13
Morning: Moral political issues in European public spheres (topic area and team D)
Afternoon: Linking ethics and moral politics, discussion and development tasks

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