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Here you can find general information about the project “Demarginalising Orature” through blog entries of the students.

Student Blog Entries

  • Guest Lecture on The Sɩsaala Dirge by Dr. Confidence Gbolo Sanka

    Introduction Last week we listened to a lecture about Ghanaian funerals by Dr. Sanka. The lecture was mainly focused on the nature and qualities of the Sɩsaala dirges as well as answering what exactly makes them literary. What is a … Continue reading →

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  • Aesthetics of Konkomba folktales

    The issue of library catalogues and classification We started the session by discussing this question: In which category can we sort Konkomba folktales? We watched a video of one such folktale. The storyteller uses gestures, imitates sounds, sings alone and … Continue reading →

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  • Folktales: On the Preservation of Culture and Language

    In our last session in the course “Demarginalising Orature – Translating minor forms into the digital age” we talked a lot about culture and language, their relation to folktales, and also how important folktales are in order to preserve them. … Continue reading →

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