Learning Experiences

Learn about the learning experience of the students!

Here you will find blog entries and summaries about the classes from a student’s perspective.

  • Final Session (Summer Term 2023)

    During our last session on July 13, 2023 each student group presented the final results of the projects we have done during the course of this semester. It was a great way of getting a better understanding of the individual … Continue reading →

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  • Presenting our Videos

    In this week’s class we had our group presentations on the videos we had to edit and subtitle at home. We looked at what we have done so far and the problems we have had during the process of subtitling … Continue reading →

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  • On the Subtitling of Orature

    As I was unable to join today’s session, I’m going to discuss the process of video editing and subtitling which we began last week instead on focusing on the topics discussed in class. The small amount of video editing experience … Continue reading →

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