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Here you can find general information about the project “Demarginalising Orature” through blog entries of the students.

Student Blog Entries

  • The Konkomba folktale’s performance aesthetics

    The performance of the Konkomba folktale adheres to traditions and standards which may vary slightly from story teller to story teller but make the performances recognisable as belonging together. The Konkomba folktales are stories which blend the genres of prose, … Continue reading →

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  • Introduction to Orality, Literacy and Performance

    Orature is a living tradition precisely because orality, its base, is always at the cutting edge of the new and the experimental in word and experience.” (Ngugi wa Thiog’o. Globalectics: Theory and the Politics of Knowing. Columbia University Press, 2012, p.83.) 26th of … Continue reading →

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  • Demarginalising Orature – Translating Minor Forms into the Digital Age (WiSe 22/23)

    Introduction In the winter term of 2022/23, I participated in the ‘Demarginalising Orature’ seminar, organised and held by Dr. Eva Ulrike Pirker, Tasun Tidorchibe and Jana Mankau. The seminar aims at “decolonizing knowledge and making knowledge (and primary materials) from … Continue reading →

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