Open Educational Resources

Here you can find all the open educational resources (OER) of the project.
This includes resources for TEI-coding and video-editing (mostly done with DaVinci Resolve)

resources for coding (TEI and VisualStudioCode)
resources for video-editing (with DaVinci Resolve)

Student Blog Entries

  • How to Code: Songs, Footnotes and Glossary

    This week we started the session going over some common mistakes and mishaps from our homework. After Anne and Michael pointed out the mistakes we got some time to correct our codes so we could move on to the next … Continue reading →

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  • Introduction to video editing and subtitling

    Hello everyone!In this post I’m going to tell you a little bit about our last “Demarginalising Orature” session. As you may have guessed from the title, we talked about and worked on video editing and especially subtitling. In the past … Continue reading →

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  • A short introduction to Davinci Resolve

    Working with Davinci Resolve is usually a little stressful for beginners. In this post I will show you the basics of subtitle editing, give some hopefully helpful points at the beginning and suggest a different program for editing subtitles. 1. … Continue reading →

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