In-class presentations

Our session on the 11th of January was our first session after the holidays. We had time until the 7th to finish our group work and had to upload our edited and subtitled videos until then. This session was held online over Webex, because of the Deutsche Bahn Streik. Every group had to do a short presentation, where every group member outlined the problems that they had with the subtitling and solutions they found. For the first few groups, we also looked at the finished subtitled videos after the group’s presentation, but the connection was sometimes quite unstable and we did not have time to look at the videos of every group. Most groups explained, that their main struggle was the time stamps. For every video, we received a timestamp document, which had the exact timestamps in which a sentence or sometimes even just a word was said. The timestamps were not 100% accurate and as none of us speak Likpakpaln it was sometimes quite difficult to adjust the subtitle to what was said. Some said that they completely copied the timestamps from the document we were provided with, but most groups tried to improvise by looking at the mouth movement of the speaker in the video. Sometimes the subtitles had to stay on the screen for much longer than the timestamps said, as the narrator was still speaking, some times it was the other way around. One group put the end credits in the beginning, but one thing many groups had forgotten was to cut the videos. The original videos we were provided with, were longer than the portion of the videos we had subtitled for so we were supposed to cut the video after the last subtitle, which was something my group and I also forgot. Most of us worked with DaVinci Resolve, which also posed a challenge, as the program shuts down sometimes. I told the group that I had problems in the beginning when I tried to insert the text block for the title. When I tried to move the audio file to match the video file, the video file would also move. I searched the internet for solutions to this problem but everything I found was too difficult for me. I started trying a few things and then found out I could just press the lock symbol from the video file and then move the audio file. 

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