How to automatically add subtitles in DaVinci Resolve – An easy 10 step guide

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Did you know that there is an easy way to automatically add subtitles in DaVinci Resolve? This is a simple tutorial that will save you a lot of time and energy when editing your videos. You will need: Step 1Open … Continue reading

My Experiences with Video & Audio Editing in DaVinci Resolve

Before taking this course, I already had previous experience with video editing software, including subtitling and working with timelines. However, I had never worked with DaVinci Resolve, which meant relearning the basics, and I was trying to subtitle a video … Continue reading

Some Insights into Konkomba Folktale

My learning experience This semester, I have had the incredible opportunity to be immersed in the captivating world of Konkomba folktales. For most of us in class it was also the first time being confronted with coding a text as … Continue reading

Folktales and language. Why the Wasp Has a Tiny Waist

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After many hours spend working with Visual Studio Code, I was happy to return to learning more about the cultural aspects of folktales. In this blogpost, I want to highlight how folktales help convey cultural and linguistic attributes by working … Continue reading

The Konkomba folktale’s performance aesthetics

The performance of the Konkomba folktale adheres to traditions and standards which may vary slightly from story teller to story teller but make the performances recognisable as belonging together. The Konkomba folktales are stories which blend the genres of prose, … Continue reading

(Not really) Mastering TEI and XML, a rudimental tutorial

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This post will hopefully help you to get a general understanding of what coding a TEI file in XML language is and what it’s good for. Please note that I am definitely not an expert on this topic, and I … Continue reading

Searching for non existent errors

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Searching for nonexistent Errors The task is fun Should be easily done Fifteen mistakes  Waiting to be found Happy to partake I start this round. …….. Going through every line This header looks fine. Searching for errors In this faulty … Continue reading

Coding for <term ref=gloss1> blutige Anfänger </term>

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<TEI xmlns=”″>     <teiHeader>         <fileDesc>             <titleStmt> <title> Coding for <term ref=gloss1> blutige Anfänger </term> </title>                 <author> Jule Wolters </author>                   >/titleStmt>          </teiHeader> <text>          <body>          <div type=”introduction”>          <head type=”subTitle”> Introduction</head> <p> Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog entry about our second Coding lesson … Continue reading