The Konkomba folktale’s performance aesthetics

The performance of the Konkomba folktale adheres to traditions and standards which may vary slightly from story teller to story teller but make the performances recognisable as belonging together. The Konkomba folktales are stories which blend the genres of prose, … Continue reading

Coding for <term ref=gloss1> blutige Anfänger </term>

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<TEI xmlns=”″>     <teiHeader>         <fileDesc>             <titleStmt> <title> Coding for <term ref=gloss1> blutige Anfänger </term> </title>                 <author> Jule Wolters </author>                   >/titleStmt>          </teiHeader> <text>          <body>          <div type=”introduction”>          <head type=”subTitle”> Introduction</head> <p> Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog entry about our second Coding lesson … Continue reading