Group Work: Final Edits

During the session on the 19th of January, we worked on the finer details of our TEI files in Visual Studio Code.  Because each group received a piece of paper that listed their errors, we spent the session correcting them.  

Examples of Errors:

The gravest mistake my group made while encoding the stories was that we did not format the glossary and notes correctly.

code for the glossary in the story section
code for the glossary in the glossary section

The example from the pictures is our solution. We had previously mixed these two up and used the target tag in the glossary and the xml:id in the text itself. Sadly, this did not work in the same manner as the correct solution. Funnily enough, we managed to get it right in one of the stories we encoded but not the other one. I am still unsure how exactly we managed to do that.

We were also experiencing some difficulties while adding a link to the code. We were supposed to provide a link to the subtitled video of the story, however, we were unsure where exactly in the introduction it was supposed to appear. As could have been expected, we chose the wrong place, as the link is the last element of the introduction of each story. The picture below shows how a link can be added to a code.

link to the video in the code

While we were coding the link into the xml file, we also managed to make another mistake. We were so focused on trying to add this new element that we completely overlooked our spelling. In this case, we forgot the full stop at the end of the introductory paragraph after “click here”. Additionally, we somehow forgot to change one quotation mark in the story itself. As they are not allowed in this file, you need to change every quotation mark to the tag <q> when the quote begins and </q> when it ends. This can be seen in this example.

direct quote from the story

Lastly, we did not know that we each needed a name tag in the copyright information. We put both of our names into one name tag but changed it during this session.


All in all, these were mistakes we made because we were not careful enough while we were coding. Many of them could have been avoided if we had read through our code a little more thoroughly; however, now we know what our mistakes were and we will be more careful in the future.

This session was also the last one we had before we held our presentations, so many groups already started to talk about how to organise this.

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