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  • Guest Lecture on The Sɩsaala Dirge by Dr. Confidence Gbolo Sanka

    Introduction Last week we listened to a lecture about Ghanaian funerals by Dr. Sanka. The lecture was mainly focused on the nature and qualities of the Sɩsaala dirges as well as answering what exactly makes them literary. What is a Sɩsaala Dirge? The Sɩsaala dirge is a versified expression of grief specific to the Sɩsaala […]

  • Guest Lecture

    As translators, folklorists, literary scholars and academics, we continue to grapple with documeting, translating and studying indigenous orature – be it their textual, oral and/or performance aspects. In the context of our seminar, Demarginalising Orature: Translating Minor Forms into the Digital Age, we present the guest lecture, “Indigenous Oral Performance: The Aesthetics, Documentation and Translation […]